Ep 201 Craft Books I Recommend hero artwork

Ep 201 Craft Books I Recommend

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Back-to-School Bundle for Writers: https://www.shortcutsforwriters.com/back-to-school-for-writers-bundle-registration-page/

Science of Storytelling Will Store https://a.co/d/2r0aPVn

Story Genius Lisa Cron https://a.co/d/iGmBVZB

The Anatomy of Story John Truby https://a.co/d/4pYaSN6

Story Fix Larry Brooks https://a.co/d/4RSgvPX

How to Market a Book and Amazon Ads for Authors Ricardo Fayet https://amzn.to/45fVhPe

Reclaim Your Author Career Claire Taylor https://a.co/d/hVDHNoB

The …Thesaurus Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi https://amzn.to/45csR92

The Trope Thesaurus Jennifer Hilt https://a.co/d/1qKqCgB

Launchpad the Countdown to Writing Your Book Emma Dhesi and Grace Sammon https://a.co/d/58JhjPl

The Three Story Method J Thorn and Zach Bohannon https://a.co/d/cMGufgR

The Heroine’s Journey Gail Carriger https://a.co/d/h9tXNrR

Tell It Slant Brenda Miller and Suzanne Paola https://a.co/d/1rV2FCg

The Business of Short Stories Shannon Lawrence https://a.co/d/2thxsfV

Welcome to the Writer’s Life Paulette Perhach https://a.co/d/820jgRJ

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