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#44 Mike Alèn (Nobuhjest)

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Mike Alèn is a musician and singer who played in a variety of a bands throughout the Miami area. Bands to Mike's credit as Nobuhjest, Brown Study, Secret Service, Foreign Bodies, Map Of The Universe, and Beings. (Miami, FL)\

Music Clips:

Secret Service - Hibernaton

Beings - Naysayer

~Florida Sound Archive~


Blue Note Records - Bob Perry Interview: https://youtu.be/00zBufxIhrg

~Mike Alèn~

  • Instagram: akamikea
  • YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/thisisbabylon
  • Nobuhjest at Cheers Miami 1994 https://youtu.be/q9YvD6Cer5k
  • Secret Service at Miami Warehouse 1999: https://youtu.be/SEwn1EN5AWM
  • Foreign Bodies: Foreign Bodies: https://foreignbodiesneverready.bandcamp.com/album/never-ready
  • Beings: https://beings.bandcamp.com
  • Beings 2010 Live Set: https://youtu.be/7uEm3dHqZj8