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#56 Tony Downs & Chad Palmer (The Believers)

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The Story of South Florida Hardcore Band THE BELIEVERS

Tony Downs (vocalist) and Chad Palmer (guitar) tell the story of their late 80s/early 90's hardcore band THE BELIEVERS. The Believers were out of West Palm Beach, and are one of South Florida's earliest hardcore bands. Some could argue they were the first. Tony and Chad take us through the early beginnings, the formation of the band, recording the 1987 "Half Way Home" demo cassette, recording their unreleased album at Morrisound Studios in Tampa, reminiscing about the countless shows opening for bands such as Social Distortion, Fugazi, Slapshot, DayGlo Abortions, Insted, Judge, Warzone, Bl'ast! just to name a few. They also shared the stage with a plethora of other Florida bands of the era such as Powerhouse, The Roidz, No Fraud, Beyond Reason, The Genitorturers, Slap of Reality, People's Court, Awake and FWA just to name a few. Dain Johnson (bass) was out of town and unable to be present for this episode. [Episode: 56 - Recorded 06/04/2023]


The Believers - Come Together (1991)

The Believers - All I'll Be (1987)

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