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Bruce Staelens has a 30+ year career playing trumpet and teaching music. He grew up in the Orlando area, performing at the majority of local clubs and venues all throughout the Central Florida area. Bruce also played in other parts of the state including Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami, Key West, Sarasota and many other cities. He recorded many sessions for independent blues label King Snake Studios (Sanford, FL) along with many blues shows. Bruce spent 11 years in NY and played events in Canada, Europe, Japan, and more. [Episode: 59 - Recorded 08/06/2023]

Music: Taken from an unreleased demo (recorded in NYC in 2007)

Bruce Staelens

Swinging Like A Bee (2007)

English Garden (2007)


Dan Jordan -tenor sax and flute (Florida)

Ric Germanson - -piano (NY)

Essiet Essiet - bass (NY)

John Jenkins - drums (Florida)

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The King Snake Blues Caravan live in Germany