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#63 Jeremy Rogers (Terror Management Band)

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The Story of Jeremy Rogers

Jeremy grew up in St. Augustine, FL and went to college in Gainesville. Since the mid-1990's, Jeremy has played in a plethora of bands, covering a wide spectrum of different genres such as punk, bluegrass, alternative rock, noise-rock, and more. In his early years, Jeremy learned how to play guitar from Floida folk music legened, Bob Patterson. Jeremy also plays bass, drums, sings, and even the accordion! Some of the bands to Jeremy's credit are, but not limited to... I'm, Boredom, Curious Markings, The Wobbley Toms, Minimum Rage, Onslaught Dynamo, Dredger, Deadaires, Curious Markings, Harsh Bangs, Terror Management Band, and more! [Episode: 63 - Recorded 09/23/2023]


Harsh Bangs - American Cell (2023)

Terror Management Band - The Colors Ran (2023)

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