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#65 Amy Fleisher Madden (Fiddler Records)

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Amy was born and raised in Miami, FL. Starting her own zine in 1996, Fiddler Jones, and soon thereafter founding her independent record label, Fiddler Records at just 16 years old. Fiddler Records released some of South Florida's most up and coming punk and emo bands of the mid 90s and early 00s; with bands such as Dashboard Confessional, Vacant Andys, A New Found Glory, The Agency, Seville and more. Amy is also a writer/author who's new book is titled NEGATIVES: A PHOTOGRAPHIC ARCHIVE OF EMO (1996-2006). [Episode: 65 - Recorded 09/29/2023]

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Amy Fleisher Madden - https://linktr.ee/amy_madden



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