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#66 Kreamy 'Lectric Santa (Robert Price & Priya Ray)

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The Story of Kreamy 'Lectric Santa (KLS) with Robert Price & Priya Ray

Robert Price and Priya Ray are founding members of Kreamy 'Lectric Santa (KLS). Originating out of Miami, FL, In the early 90's, KLS started out of a band called The Prom Sluts and blended punk, psych experimental and electronic music. The KLS collective had more than 50 members over the years and were a staple of of the Miami scene. [Episode: 66 - Recorded 11/05/2023]

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KLS - Holdin yerself (2009)

KLS - Messin With My Head (1995)

Follow KLS:

Instagram - @kreamy_kectric_santa_ / Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/kreamyls/

Bandcamp - https://kreamylectricsanta.bandcamp.com/ / Website - http://www.kreamy.org/kls_html/home.html

***A message from Robert & Priya***

We were so caffeinated that we completely forgot to mention long time member Jan 9, loyal drummer Ricky Pollo, experimental projects Monstadt 3 with Adris Hoyos, Bank o Christ with Marlon Kassberg, and Roberts time playing junk on the streets of Miami, and then SF with Stevie Ray Funyon of the Funyons. Anyone else omitted we're so dam sorry. Hard to consolidate 30 years into a couple of hours.

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