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#67 Headfoam (Red, Louie & Alex)

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The Story of Miami sludge punks HEADFOAM with...Red, Louie, & Alex

Headfoam formed in Miami, FL in 2017. The band consists of Red Rivera (Bass), Alex Noel (Vocals/Guitar) and Louie Collazos (Drums). Headfoam describes their music as Black Flag meets Black Sabbath. At the time of this recording, Headfoam has released one self-titled album in 2021, which is available on cassette tape and digital formats. The sophomore Headfoam album is recorded and due out towards the end of 2023. [Episode: 67 - Recorded 11/19/2023]

Music: Headfoam - Two Headed Jinn (2021) | Headfoam - Electric KrackPipe (2021)

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