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#68 Dan Destructo (No Fraud)

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The Story of DAN DESTRUCTO of Venice, FL punk/thrash legends NO FRAUD

Dan Destructo's early beginnings started in the late 1970's with his first band The Warp. Shortly thereafter, in the early 1980s, the punk/thrash legends we know today, NO FRAUD was born! No Fraud released one of the finest hardcore punk/thrash demo cassette tapes in 1985. Over the years, No Fraud has gone to release several tapes, seven inches, EPs and compilations. Most recently, an LP released in 2021 titled Straight Lines Crooked Morals. [Episode: 68 - Recorded 11/26/2023]

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No Fraud - Failure (1986)

No Fraud - Fuck Your Shit (1985)

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