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#69 Jeano Roid (The Roidz)

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The Story of THE ROIDZ with JEANO ROID

The Roidz were a thrash/punk band out of West Palm Beach, FL. Jeano Roid (vocalist) tells the story of the early beginings of the band, the Roidz recorded music, memories of gigs throughout Florida; including a show in Ybor City (Tampa), where The Roidz opened up for one of the most controversial figures in punk/music history, GG Allin

Jeano opens ups about the dissension with Bootleg Bill (The Roidz original guitarist) and his long friendship with Boomer Roid aka John Colie (The Roidz drummer), who sadly passed away in 2022.

[Episode: 69 - Recorded 01/07/2024]


The Roidz - We're Are The Roidz (1986)

The Roidz - Boomer's Revenge (1986)

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