#71 Joey Seeman and Chris Potash (Punk Under The Sun) hero artwork

#71 Joey Seeman and Chris Potash (Punk Under The Sun)

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The Story of Punk Under The Sun: '80s Punk and New Wave in South Florida with authors Joey Seeman & Chris Potash

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*****About The Episode*****

Authors Joey Seeman and Chris Potash were there, participating in and documenting the first, second, and subsequent waves of musicians, indie labels, DJs, record stores, radio stations, publications, and players who came together to create a unique cultural moment and movement in South Florida history. In this episode, Joey and Chris tell the story behind their book Punk Under The Sun: '80s PUNK & NEW WAVE in SOUTH FLORIDA. [Episode 71: Recorded 01/29/2024]

****About The Authors****

Joey Seeman is a writer, graphic designer, painter, and DJ. His artwork has been published in SPIN, Art Alternatives, Ocean Drive, and Juxtapoz and been shown in galleries in Portland, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Miami, including in the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami. In the 1980s he played bass in several local Miami bands, including Fade II Gray and Naughty Puritans.

Chris Potash wrote about music, film, and art in South Florida for the weekly Wave and daily Miami News from 1986 through 1988. His “Off the Record” column gave him insider access to local bands and touring acts.


  • The Cichlids - Tourists Are Pink (1980)
  • Z Toyz - Miami Beakdown (Mid 80s)

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