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#74 Oscar Herrera (Songs For The Fallen Mountain King)

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The Story of Songs For The Fallen Mountain King with Oscar Herrera (from The Sleep Of Reason, Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Halo, El Duende)

Oscar Herrera returns to the podcast for a special episode to discuss his first solo album titled "Songs For The Fallen Mountain King". We take a dive into sound clips off all 10 tracks, with commentary in-between each. Oscar shares some history of his music career which dates back to the early 1980's and his post-rock/goth-rock band, The Sleep Of Reason, ideas and themes for his new album and all of the musicians and folks who contributed to making it happen. Oscar retired from making new music about 20 years ago, but is now back and ready to share his new vision with the world. [Recorded: 02/25/24]

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Oscar Herrera - (Intro Song) Father Whiskey (Second Line Version) (2024)

Oscar Herrera - (Close Out Song) King Of Fright (2024)

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