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Woke Isn't Enough Podcast, Season 1, Episode 8

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This special guest episode is from the folks at Healing Equity United, Fiona Oliphant and Jess Ayden Li.

Woke Isn't Enough Season 1, Episode 8: "How Do We Talk to Our Kids About Racial Equity?"
The Black Lives Matter movement and protests are sparking questions from kids today. How early should you start talking to them about race? Where should we begin the conversation? Hear from Fiona Oliphant and John Nguyen-Yap (in a moderated discussion by Jess) as they share tips and strategies on how they navigate race-based conversations with their children.

"Woke Isn't Enough" is a new podcast that challenges all of us to recognize how we sustain systems of oppression and what it will really take to finally disrupt them once and for all.  Expect lively, challenging and provocative conversation with Jess and Fiona!

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