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The Music Issue (Ep 35)

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What was your favorite music when you were a kid? What is it now? What's changed? What hasn't? What's your beef with current music? Why you crying to that slow jam, bro? We answered some more essential music questions liked we did in Episode 12 - Really Important Music Questions .

What we discuss: 
  • CDs 
  • Cassette singles or cassingles 
  • Tape decks 
  • Walkmans 
  • Fancy Car Stereos 
  • Fry's Electronics 
  • Pandora 
  • Streaming Music 
  • The Titanic soundtrack 
  • NKOTB 
  • Hip Hop 
  • R&B 
  • Slow Jams 
  • Break Up songs 
  • Snowboarding Kids 
  • Toddler Mindfulness 
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