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Mini EP - Policy Work and Parenting with Justin Rausa

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We have a special mini-episode with community organizer and policy consultant, Justin Rausa, to discuss his path towards and away from being a staff member for an elected official and how that world has impacted his fatherhood. We also discuss what he's into and a Dad Moment!

Just a heads up that we recorded outside on a slightly windy day so there is definitely background texture and sometimes annoying wind. Old Oakland represent though! We also had to cut about 11 minutes of our conversation due to the recording quality - hence a mini-ep!

Hang out with Anton and John along with other parents at The Tagalog Project's Filipino Storytime #9 at Pinole Public Library, Jan 25, 2020, 3-4:30PM. We'll read a story, Clarice Aguilera creator of The Tagalog Project will read it in Tagalog, and then we will have a conversation about Parent Moments in Papa Culture Pod style! Find more information on our Facebook page or @TheTagalogProject on Facebook and Instagram.

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