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Friday Vibes Compilation One (Ep 46)

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Friday Vibes is a open mic session hosted by us, Papa Culture Podcast, featuring our friends and listeners where we talk about.. anything really. This is a compilation of three of our first sessions where we talk about parenthood, pop culture, and everything in between.

Session 1: Our friends Lisa and Art where we talked about serious things like teaching remotely during a pandemic and the politics and dynamics of school choice. We also talked about lighter things like choosing our favorite New Kid and favorite memories of Digital Underground music.

Session 2: Art was back and joining him were Dennis aka the DJ known as DNSB and Carlo aka the producer of the Papa Culture Podcast theme song and photographer former emcee. We talked about post vaccine steaks, creativity during a pandemic, and video games.

Session 3: New guests, Ben and Albert, joined us during their lunch times. We talked about burritos, TV show recommendations, the connections built through pop culture among friends and as parents with their kids, and sports.

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