Podcast Hosting for Churches

Podcasting is a great idea for churches who want to connect with their congregations and communities remotely but creating a podcast can get complicated and expensive.

JustCast offers an easy and affordable way to get started with podcasting today with a complete suite of podcasting features including a website, embeddable players for your website / social media, and private feeds for closed communities.

podcast hosting for churches

Podcasting for Churches

With 80 million people in the US now listening to podcasts on a weekly basis (Edison Research), podcasting is increasingly becoming a way to speak directly to engaged listeners.

For Churches starting a podcast can be as simple as recording weekly sermons and publishing as an audio file. This is a great way to get started but there’s more you can do with a Church podcast.

For example these ideas:

  • Community updates and providing a platform for participation of churchgoers in the podcast.
  • Connecting with other churches and creating a network of church podcasts.
  • Promoting the church to a wider community and growing your congregation.

5 Tips for a Successful Church Podcast

1. Be Consistent

  • Listening to podcasts is a habitual activity for many people. Listeners expect episodes to come out at a consistent time each week. If not they will not be able to make listening part of a routine and often miss the episodes.

2. Tell People About It

  • Tell and remind people that you are publishing the podcast. Use Facebook or email addresses as well as in-person. Mention within sermons that they are also available as podcasts and how to find them.

3. Ease of access

  • Make it easy to access the podcast. For example distribute to platforms like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify and make sure the title is easily searchable. For those who are not used to listening to podcasts give them a training session on how to listen. Alternatively you can direct listeners to the podcast website (included with JustCast).

4. Audio Quality

  • Creating high quality audio doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands on equipment. It’s possible to record a good quality podcast on a smartphone. Take steps to ensure the audio quality is as good as it can be by removing background noise and finding a good acoustic environment.

5. Create Evergreen Content

  • It may be tempting to treat the podcast as a weekly update like a newsletter, but it’s also possible to create evergreen episodes that people can listen back to at any time. For example based around a theme or topic. If you plan to do this avoid overly long news updates at the start of the episode and instead provide an intro for the topic and theme as well as including this in the episode title and description.

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