A Podcast integration for MailerLite

JustCast is happy to announce our new MailerLite integration, which allows our Private Podcast hosts to access automated email marketing services directly through JustCast.

mailerlite justcast integration

MailerLite is a fantastic email marketing service that offers custom marketing options and email automation to help you run your private podcast effortlessly. Through JustCast’s MailerLite integration, you can easily add and remove listeners to your feeds by pulling your MailerLite subscribers into your JustCast private podcast feed.

For example, someone purchases your course. MailerLite sends them an automated email with a custom link to your private podcast feed inside an email template you designed. They receive this email directly from you, and you don’t have to lift a finger.

After setting up your MailerLite and JustCast integration, your listeners gain automated access to your podcast, which improves their workflow and yours. When adding a listener, you also have the choice to notify them automatically through either JustCast or MailerLite.

Alternately, when someone leaves your membership, their unique link in JustCast can be disabled automatically with this integration.

How to Setup MailerLite Integration

Step 1: Create and Download a New API Token in MailerLite

To integrate MailerLite into JustCast, you will need to begin in your MailerLite account. Here, you’ll create an API token which you’ll later insert into your JustCast account.

  • To create a new API token, log in to your MailerLite account.
  • Then, click the "Integrations" tab on the left side menu.
  • Find "API" and select the "Use" button on the right side.
  • Click the green "Generate new token" button.
  • Enter the name of this token, for example, "JustCast + Example." Then, click the "Create token" button.
  • Download your new JustCast API token from MailerLite.

Step 2: Connect MailerLite and JustCast by Uploading Your API Token

Now that you have your API token, it's time to paste the token into JustCast.

  • In your JustCast account, navigate to the Connections page.
  • On the Connections page on JustCast, click the "Connect? button under the MailerLite logo.
  • Paste the API token you obtained from MailerLite into the box. Then, click the “Submit” button.

Congratulations! You have successfully connected JustCast and MailerLite.

Check out our 3-part step-by-step help articles and see how to add your connect JustCast to your MailerLite.