Getting started with Dropbox

How to create a podcast feed using Dropbox and JustCast

JustCast is the easiest way to get started as a podcaster. If you have a Dropbox account and an episode recorded, you are ready to share your podcast with the world.

A simple instructions on how to host your podcast from Dropbox with JustCast

Sign Up at JustCast

First, sign up at It is completely free and provided benefits such as unlimited hosting, 3 free episodes in RSS feeds and basic analytics.

Connect your Dropbox

After you sign up at JustCast, you need to connect your dropbox account to JustCast, to do that, go to the Connections page and click on the “Setup Connection” button to start the connection and follow the instructions. Dropbox will ask for permission to create a new folder for JustCast. Dropbox will not share any other folders to JustCast.

Create your first Show

After you connect the dropbox account, you are ready to create your first show. First, all files are inside your Dropbox/Apps/justcast. You can simply create a folder inside the JustCast folder. JustCast will automatically create a podcast after you add a new folder.

Add your first episode

After you record your first episode, simply drag and drop your audio file into your show folder. Then JustCast will automatically import the audio file and your podcast is live. You can rename the episode by renaming the audio file inside Dropbox.