Getting Started with Zapier

Zapier is a platform that can connect different apps. JustCast can use Zapier to automatically add or remove listeners to/from a feed.

For example, if you have a payment page for listeners to purchase your course (private podcast), once the listener purchased the course, JustCast can automatically use the listeners information (email address) and add the listeners to a feed. Listener can start listening to the feed.

Similarly, if a listener decided to leave the course, JustCast can automatically remove the listener from the feed. Then the listener can no longer access to the feed.

Now, we are going to do a simple example for a Zap automation that will add a listener when someone sign up using a google form.

First, here are some terms used in Zapier:

Zap: automation in Zapier

Trigger: This will cause the zap to run (Someone purchased a course is a trigger)

Action: After the zap is trigger, action will perform the actual logic (add or remove a listener)

To begin, go to and sign up for an account if you have not. Then choose "create a zap". Connect "Google forms", for the event, we can choose "New Form Response"

zapier trigger

Here is the google form, nothing fancy, just the email address and submit button.

google form

Then you need connect with your google form account. Once it is done, you can choose which form, which in my case, it is "Sign Up My Course Example" form.

google form trigger

Once continue, you will asked to test the trigger. If you go to the form and submit a sample response, then you will see the test is triggered. Now you are done with the trigger part!

test trigger

Next, we will start the action part. Search JustCast in the action and then select it. Then in the event, you can choose "Add Subscriber" or "Edit Subscriber", in this case, we would like to choose "Add Subscriber" as we want to add a subscriber when the google form is submitted.

add subscriber action

Next, similar to google form step, you need to log in JustCast in Zapier so that Zapier will remember. Then you will choose the show by choose the drop down menu in Show Name. In this example, I choose "My Private Show", and then the email address of the subscriber, is from google form in the previous step.

add podcast action

Once everything is setup, then it will arrive the testing screen, press the test button and hopefully everything work out fine.

zapier review

In summary, a google form submit will trigger the Zap and then use the google form submit data, email address in this case, to add a listener to the feed inside JustCast. This is just an example and in your case, you probably want to connect to some payment page like stripe or others. We will provide more examples later.